Monday, October 26, 2009

Kids Halloween Party Games

Halloween is only days away and I am sure your kids are all getting very excited about the event. Although Halloween has not been very popular in South Africa, the interest is growing every year. Zimbo has put together a list of great Halloween games you can play with your kids this year. read more

Friday, October 9, 2009

Time for Kidney Beanz Spinathon 2009 at Broadacres

Join us at the Broadacres Shopping Centre on the 10th October for the Kidney Beanz Spinathon 2009. This years event will be in the parking lot outside the Virgin Active and once again many generous people will ride various machines to support these kids with severe kidney disease. read more

Monday, October 5, 2009

Introducing Cowboy Zim

Cowboy Zim is a new Clowning Around character who is energetic and full off life. This rodeo cowboy clown is great with young kids and is now performing for nursery and pre-schools all over Joburg. read more

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Super Weekday Kids Entertainment Discount

I have decided to kick start my first month of full time clowning off with a huge discount for week day parties between 18th August-18th September. Zimbo will be giving whopping discounts off any party booked Monday through Friday during this period.

Hold on, there is more. Zimbo has come up with a special school show for every kids age group between 4yrs-11yrs. Schools can choose what sort of entertainment they want. It can be an educational show or a show of just plain comedy and fun.

Schools will also be able to choose to have Zimbo perform in front of the whole school or class by class.

Discount Details

1hr Magic Show:
Fantastic Comedy Clown Magic Show
Target: Primary School (6-11yrs)
Audience: Whole School (hall activity)

40min Show + 20min Balloons Sculpting
Comedy Magic Show and Balloons
target: All ages 4-11yrs
Audience: Class Room Shows

1hr/2hr Private Kids Parties
1hr: Magic Show and Balloons
2hrs: Magic, Balloons and Face Painting
Audience: All Ages
1hr ONLY R500 / 2hrs ONLY R800

Please Note: Above prices are only valid from 18th August - 18th September 2009 and only for shows performed Monday-Friday (No weekend discounts)

It is the schools responsibility to provide sound equipment for performances with more than 50 kids.

Take Care

Friday, July 10, 2009

Zimbo is now a full-time clown for kids events, school carnivals and more

I am delighted to tell you that as of the 17th August I will become a full time kids clown. That's right, Zimbo will be available as a clown during the week for kids parties, nursery schools, school events and anything else that may require his skills.

Nursery Schools:

Be the first to wow your kids with a performance by Zimbo the Clown. If you don't feel like teaching for the day then give Zimbo a call, the show can be both educational or just plain fun.

School Events:

Are you having a school function such as a carnival, funfair or gala and need someone to entertain the kiddies. Zimbo can come in and dazzle with magic shows, face painting or crazy balloon sculpting. Zimbo and his friends can provide everything from entertainers down to the popcorn machine.

Kids Events:

If you are putting on a childrens event for your complex, your church, your kids camp or any other kids event then give me a call, I will put on a professional kids show and offer any of my skills to assist you in the event.

Birthday Parties:

Finally I can answer to your plea's to do kids parties during the week. Zimbo's now famous birthday show is available EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK. Please be sure to book at least 2 weeks ahead or I may already be all booked up.

Thank you to all the parents, kids and fellow clowns who have made this dream a reality. It is because of your tremendous response I am able to venture out of my comfort zone and do what I love every day of the week. What started out as a hobby, has grown into a full scale business because of your feedback and requests to be available for kids parties every day. I promise to keep my shows fresh and dazzling.

Take Care

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